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Who we are?

This blog is our way to give you access to the latest news of our store. By the way, if you find any strange unreadable letters below, please do not worry. We have customers from 70+ countries worldwide, and so we have to speak and write in several languages. Keep an eye at the “country flag” icon, which shows the language of the message below.

As you’re here, looks like you already know us.
If not – let’s have a short hello: we are the oldest Russian scale models online store. We’re here, working for you since 1997.
Wow, that’s long, but we are still not dinosaurs.
Why our buyers chose us? We can’t say for sure, as we have many nice things in our store.

  • We have many rare models.
  • We have many exclusive models that you can buy only from us. Yes, nowhere else in the univerce. Customers from other planets are welcome!
  • Have you seen many stores that have really detailed (and not only one, but several) photos of each model?
  • Have you seen many stores that pack EACH model from your order separately so you will never receive a damaged model?
  • What is also very important as we think, we have everything we sell in stock.
  • Yes, at our warehouse, right now. We do not oversell and usually switch off all models that we do not have right now. Believe us, it’s unusual for any Russian models store. Almost all of them (it’s some strange idea of an internet store) are usually selling the models first, then try to buy something that looks alike (may be other color or type, but who cares) to send you.
  • many, many more, but reading and writing would be too dull
  • at last but not least - we understand you and you can understand us. Are you tired of foreign stores written in engRish language? Or did you notice the funny thing that almost all sites with Russian and Soviet models just copy-paste the descriptions from us as they don’t uderstand a word?

Yes, may be some amateur sellers can provide slightly better price, but with us you can feel comfortable as we are reliable!
Why mess with the “it’s cheap and we not care” if you can afford to buy from the best?
Just take a cup (or a glass) of your favourite drink, relax and have some pleasant shopping. Anyway, as your first order from us is still pending or if you already have 100+ models from us - satisfaction guaranteed!


В этом блоге Вы сможете найти новости нашего магазина.