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Russian SWAT in action. Almost LOL.

Russian SWAT in action. Almost LOL.

Does Moscow has too much Porsche Cayenne? There are Fire rescue Porsche Cayenne (OK, just one of them) , there are police Porsche Cayenne ( ) , there are Taxi Porsche Cayenne…

For those who want the details: Russian police SWAT was sent to arrest gangsters.  Police informer said that gangsters would drive Black Porsche Cayenne with the licence plate including 177 as number and 177 as region (Moscow).

A brief explanation to help you understand:  In Russia licence plate looks like that: xYYYxx WWW (or WW),

where “x” are letters, Y – digits,  WWW or WW are digits which state the region, the car belongs to.

77 and 177 mean Moscow, 78 – Sankt Petersbough and so on.

So for example a car in Moscow can have a licence plate “E245TH 177″.

It’s popular among rich people to have a licence plate with the same digits as the region code (for example “E177TH 177″ ).

So gangsters should appear in exact place in exact time, driving a black Tinted Porsche Cayenne with double 177 177 at the license plate. They were dangerous, armed and killed several people during their last assault.  That’s why SWAT were told to act fast and beware of return fire from gangsters which could cause civilians hurt.

It was known that gangsters (as it often happens in Russia) were born at Caucasian region so that’s why SWAT were very surprised when they saw european looking people in the vehicle. They were saying “what firearms? We don’t have any!”  It was surprise… But the real surprise was several minutes later when AN OTHER black Tinted Porsche Cayenne with double 177 177 at the licence plate appeared driving by! There were the real gangsters…   By the way, if you find any cruel behaviour of the SWAT – please keep in mind that they are arresting not a shoplifter, but gangsters with firearms, which already killed many people… Several people told me that they should not hit them anyway, but please notice that only those gangsters who did not obey were hit.

Returning to the situation: it’s possible that 999 vehicles can have “x177xx 177″ licence plate. Nobody thought that at least 2 of them are black Tinted Porsche Cayenne with double 177 177 at the licence plate and would appear at the same time and it the same place.

Guys from the first Cayenne were businessman, driving to have lunch. Now they definitely understand what is called :”In a wrong place, at a wrong time”…

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